The Strategic HR team comes with a wealth of corporate experience that is diverse and broad. The Strategic HR headquartered in Gurgaon with the presence of regional recruiters PAN India. We cater to the IT, BFSI, Healthcare, Services and Manufacturing sector across the country to provide right manpower from junior to senior positions. The Strategic HR has a holistic approach to help its Client by bringing the right and top talent to its business. We have our own network which have access to candidates which are not available on the traditional channels. The candidates look forward to us because of our competence and reliability and our offer of confidentiality. The Strategic HR have the ability to understand your business context, the role requirements and specifics of the job.

The Strategic HR business processes, organization and work flow are all designed and geared up to provide ultimate focus on the customers’ objectives and priorities. We managed to successfully place number of fresher and experienced professionals in various industries. The growing number of our satisfied clients is a testimony of our professionalism and commitment. Our distinguished team and premium recruitment have always helped us provide unparalleled levels of service.